Cheaper And Affordable Packaging Material Good For Your Removal/Storage Purposes

Packing Tapes ✔Colour scotch tape= $3.50 ✔Thin transparent scotch tape= $3 ✔Thick transparent scotch tape=$3.50 ✔Masking tape 2inch= $3 ✔Masking tape 1.5inch= $2.50 ✔Masking tape 1inch= $2 ✔Plastic Wrap Black plastic wrap= $20 Clear plastic wrap= $15 Small white plastic wrap= $7 ✔Bubble Wrap Size & Cost 100ft X 20inch= $25 300ft X 20inch= $35 300ft X 40inch= $55 300ft X 60inch= $75 Give us a call now for more information and get a FREE quotation. Enquiry box : CALL : 90229049 SMS or WHATSAPP : 90229049 Email : (Please ask for or attention to Joanne) Contact Us – AA Removal Delivery Services We also provide more removal related services: ✔Van ✔Lorry ✔Disposal ✔Trolley Rental ✔Boxes For Sale ✔Storage ✔Furniture Repair We are a friendly and reliable Removal Service Company.

Posted by Kapehan User on 21 November 2018

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