Kensington Square - Retail Shop (238Sqft For Rent) - Available Immediate!! Looking For A Shop To Start? Ideal Unit Ideal Location Ground Floor Commerical Unit For Rent And For Sale. (Mixed Residential And Commercial) Few Units For Rent! 355Sqft: $1900

Kensington Square - Retail Shop (238sqft for Rent) - Available Immediate!!

Looking for a shop to start? Ideal Unit Ideal Location Ground floor Commerical unit for rent and for sale. (Mixed residential and commercial)

Few units for rent!

355sqft: $1900 (Rental) Reno unit with tap 506sqft: Bare Unit x 1 238sqft: Bare unit x 1 ($1300 Rental)

Info: - Have 2 side entrance door (of shopping mall) which can be suitable for 2 tenants - This is mixed development project - Corner unit with front viewing which attract consumers attention - Have cctv outside 1 of entrance door for deference, near to facility management office, next to drive through, convenient for pick up delivery

Posted by Kapehan User on 01 March 2021

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