Philippine Passport Renewal in Singapore

If you've never renewed your Philippine passport in Singapore before, you would be happy to hear that the process is quite easy. You may need to wait a bit for your appointment date so it would be best to schedule an appointment as early as possible.

Do note that the embassy has an official website located at where you can find a lot more information about the process.

Scheduling an appointment

The first thing you need to do is to set an appointment. The ePassport Appointment site is currently

The earliest available appointment date may be up to 3 months from the date that you complete the appointment scheduling process.

Once you have an appointment scheduled, you'll just need to prepare a few things.

What you need to bring

When you scheduled your appointment, you would have received an email confirming your appointment's date and time. Print the email out and bring it along with you.

There's an application form for passport renewal that you need to bring. Download it from, print it, and write down your details.

You'll also need to bring photocopies of your pass (S Pass, E Pass, WP, etc.) and your passport's data page along with cash for the renewal fee (currently S$102).

At the embassy

The Philippine embassy is located at 20 Nassim Road, Singapore 258395. Remember to dress appropriately - do not wear shorts or slippers, for example.

Present your appointment confirmation email at the gate and you'll be given a number. Proceed inside to the waiting area and wait until your number is called for document submission. After you submit your documents, wait a bit more until your name is called to enter the encoding room.

After encoding, you'll then need to proceed to the cashier to pay S$102. After that, you're done. You'll just need to wait for the date that your new passport will be released.

The whole process will take up to an hour.

Any time on or after the release date, you can come back to the embassy with your old passport and your papers.

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